Wiki Relocation

Here I record and perhaps refine the steps required to relocate a wiki. The wiki pages themselves should move easily. But the external configuration adjustments will involve many steps.

Test case. I would like to move from my old ruby server to my most modern site. I'm motivated by wanting to add the RSS plugin which uses server-side machinery not available in ruby.

I add to wiki.config.json. See Config Notes

{ "admin": { "twitter":"12381352", "persona":"" }, "farm": true, "security_type": "passportjs", "twitter_consumerKey": "eG2...", "twitter_consumerSecret": "ZnRQ...", "wikiDomains": { "": {}, "": {}, "": {}, "": {} } }

restart wiki

I update nginx. /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default

server { listen 80; server_name * * ...

service nginx restart

I transfer the flat files with rsync or scp.

rsync -a . rsync -a

chown -R root:root .wiki/

I update the dns record at site

I visit the new location, claim with that host's security, and add the RSS plugin.

Here I list my writings on the practices I find useful now. Read them, try them, and practice until they work for you. Add us to your blog reader.

Now I must repeat the transfer and claim process for for each of's subdomains.