Tips for Administrators

Here we collect advice for operating wiki sites for others. Computers and networks vary so we stop short of step by step instructions. We report what has worked for us using the privileges available to system administrators.

You alone are responsible for the systems you run. We may suggest using commands routinely used by administrators for decades that can do irreparable damage when used wrong. Know what is at risk. Use appropriate caution.

# Basics

We assume familiarity with federated wiki and the jargon used to describe it. See the Names of Things

We assume familiarity with open-source development practices especially issues and pull requests. github

We assume some respect for the job of administering a system used by others. post

# Resources

We distribute a version of the federated wiki server/client/plugins as a node package. npm

We maintain source as a series of repositories within an organization called 'fedwiki'. github

We have carefully designed the federation to be sustainable without any central authority.

# Advice

Backup everything and know how to restore it.

Networking that wiki needs to work.

Hosting on computers you own or rent.

Data you can see or change.

Social behavior of users and communities.

Institutions and their unique requirements.