Starting Fedwiki

To start the Fedwiki Server on a local machine, you simply need to run:


That's all there is to it. You can optionally customise the way the server operates by passing any of the following parameters to "wiki" on the commandline.

--url, -u Important: Your server URL, used as Persona audience during verification --port, -p Port --data, -d location of flat file data --root, -r Application root folder --farm, -f Turn on the farm? --home The page to go to instead of index.html --host, -o Host to accept connections on, falsy == any --id Set the location of the open id file --database JSON object for database config --neighbors comma separated list of neighbor sites to seed --autoseed Seed all sites in a farm to each other site in the farm --allowed comma separated list of allowed host names for farm mode --uploadLimit Set the upload size limit, limits the size page content items, and pages that can be forked --test Set server to work with the rspec integration tests --help, -h Show this help info and exit --config, --conf Optional config file --version, -v Optional config file

You can stop and start the wiki by using `stop wiki` and `start wiki` - but restarting the server is also good, and if you are also applying the OS updates then a restarting the droplet will be required.

From time to time some of the packages that makeup the wiki software will be updated. To see if updates are available for any of the wiki packages, run:

Here we learn how to install a Federated Wiki site, whether that be on your laptop, or a server.