One Wiki Hosting Guide

We describe step by step how one might reliably host a wiki farm for themselves or their community. Like any recipe there are many variations based on ingredients available and fashion of the time. We write in 2020.

# Prepare

You must have some experience reading, writing and sharing in federated wiki before you undertake a project of this scale. You will also need to learn to use software services new to you that will perform functions you may not know exist.

# Build

We will describe step by step how you will assemble the resources you have prepared. Often this involves configuration files where you will record decisions you have made. We will offer samples that have worked for us but you will need to understand and probably debug the the files you use.

# Manage

Before you offer to host content for any other person you should learn to investigate malfunctions and establish practices that mitigate the impact of anything that breaks.

# See also