Fedwiki Storage

Here we look to explore different forms of file storage for Fedwiki.

The aims of any proposed storage are to enable mobile, web, and desktop clients to easily move assets into: - Publicly accessible storage (via HTTPS) - Scriptable storage - Decentralised storage - Sustainable storage - Permanent storage

Here are the options that we are currently considering: - Digital Ocean Block Storage - Amazon Storage - DropBox Storage - IPFS Hosting - OwnCloud

Here is a comparison of cost in $cents per GB:

10 Digital Ocean 0.5 DropBox 2.45 Amazon Simple Storage Service

# Amazon LightSail Proposal Amazon LightSail is an interesting alternative to DigitalOcean, with the advantage of being able to more easily scale and integrate with AWS.

For a review of the pros and cons see - containership.io

# DigitalOcean Proposal The idea at the moment is to use DreamFactory and Digital Ocean Block Storage to create a simple way to host files with a robust REST interface. Later on we can look to integrating this with IPFS.

Because the block storage can be attached to different servers, we should be able to use it and symlink storage files to the attached file system on the Fedwiki server.

At the same time we will have a REST interface to the file system.

Alternatively we can simply mount the entire .wiki folder to contain all files, and symlink the .wiki folder from the Fedwiki server.

# See also - DreamFactory - doctl - digitalocean.com