Fedwiki Server

This page is about the current and future of Fedwiki servers. The current reference implementation in Node can be found her on gitbub


Federated wiki's single-page application reads page content from many sources and writes updates to a few. Read-write server backends are maintained in ruby (sinatra) and node (express).

Read-only servers have been realized with static files and cgi scripts. Encouraging experiments have exploited exotic service architectures such as CCNx content-addressable networks.


The Fedwiki Server is made up of a wiki-node-server module and a bunch of Plugins (packaged as individual Node Modules.

Alongside creating native Android and iOS Wiki App in LiveCode we will look to engage a community in creating a test server in Livecode.

Here we list the minimum requirements for a Fedwiki Server:

Batch scripts can convert static content into federated wiki compatible json and serve it with apache.

Here we make a start to document the creation of a minimal Fedwiki Server that provides a minimal but fully specified REST API for both existing clients and future mobile clients.

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THe aim of a future hosting infrastructure for Fedwiki Server software should separate concerns:

Assuming you are using the install from the One Line Installation Script then the logs will be in:

The server that delivers the client-side javascript that starts you browsing the federated wiki is called the Origin Server. It's special.