Adding a new site

Here we describe how to add a new wiki (using a new domain name) to your wiki farm. There are a number of steps to follow:

Our aim here is to move towards full automation of these tasks so we can ultimately provide a minimal interface on a

You have a choice of different form of oAuth configuration for your site. It is not such a good idea to configure multiple options for any site - I've had problems with that option.

VIMEO 229833158 Here we look at how you add a new fedwiki site to your server. How you point DNS A Records to your server, configure your wiki, and add credentials to Google.

Here we describe how to add a new wiki to your wiki farm. There are a number of steps:

# Dynadot settings

Below you can see the setting for a typical domain on Dynadot. The example is for the web site:

This is an image -

The top-level A records are set to hosting with Webflow on the following ip addresses:

A ( A (

A subdomain ( is pointing to the Atopia Wiki Farm.

A (

# Restart server We can use the shell plugin to restart the server:

restart wiki

May complain of an error, but it seems to restart OK if you wait a little.

# Setting the A records

It can take a little while to update the DNS records. Check the progress using Domain Name Tools. In particular to check DNS propagation -

even when (according to whatsmydns) the ip address has changed to the Atopia wiki Farm ip address, the old site is still being served.

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